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Marybeth Emerson

Meet Marybeth

Chairman Agent

I do believe in love at first “site” – I fell hard and fast for this beautiful little town on my very first visit here during college. It was an impromptu trip at the end of an enchanting summer working at a lodge in Aspen. My roommate encouraged me to meet some of her friends in Boulder before heading home to begin college at Emory University in Atlanta. One of them took me for a tour one afternoon that found us driving northbound along 75th in a VW Rabbit convertible with the top down. When I gazed back at the silhouette of the mountains against that blue and gold “Broncos” sky, I was awestruck by the beauty I saw… I fell in love right then and swore that I’d return to Boulder to live one day.

I did just that a few years later when I returned to get my MBA at CU. I’m living my dream every day and I often tell my friends that no matter how bad a day I may be having, all I have to do is look out the window of my home on Mapleton Hill, see the Flatirons, and it all seems to fall into perspective. Life is good here!
As an art collector, I feel like  Boulder is the background to the canvas of my life. All the experiences and people  I’ve met over the years add the color, texture, and layers that make me so happy. As  corny as that sounds, it really is true. Boulder rocks and my passion for this town has only grown stronger over the years.

I bring my passion for Boulder and optimistic attitude for life to my work in real estate. I also have a BA in Interior Design and am involved in luxury development projects ranging from modern new homes to classic historic restorations. My design background honed my meticulous attention to detail that  has made my work stand out. I know this town backwards and forwards and look forward to turning over every stone I can to help you buy or sell your home.  Oh, and when it comes to the multiple offer environment that so many Buyers get frustrated with…my Buyers succeed! When you work with me and get to know me, you’ll find out why! 

Other Business Experiences: I’m a serial entrepreneur and have built successful  businesses in the computer industry as well as the sports accessories industry. I’m  most proud of being the creator of Helmet Headz – those funky helmet covers you  may’ve seen for kids ski/snowboard helmets. My claim to fame was having Helmet  Headz showcased on the Today Show and being featured on Pop Tart boxes with a Shrek and Donkey helmet cover promotion when the Shrek III movie was released! 

Personal Interests and Info: I enjoy art collecting, cooking, skiing/snowboarding, traveling to exotic destinations like Africa, and just hanging out at home with good friends. I’m excited to get back into sailing after “dabbling” years ago as well as picking up golf again. I am divorced, and have one amazing daughter Elise, who lives in Boston and just became a first time home-buyer herself!